Let AMCM help you reach the stars

The Aerospace Industry is a pioneer in the field of using Additive Manufacturing for the serial manufacturing of parts. Aerospace will continue to play an important role in the coming years and custom AM Machines will be a key element to accelerate these developments.

From the first serial manufacturing application of injection nozzles for gas turbines to the latest successes of rockets flying with printed engines - this industry has never stopped pushing the limits of AM.

One key element to these activities is the availability of highly reliable AM systems and at the same time the possibility to adapt those system to fulfil the exact requirements of the application.

AMCM systems are based on the proven and reliable EOS technology - that is already in use for numerous manufacturing applications in the aerospace field. One good example is the AMCM M4K - our large scale system which has been optimized to allow for the manufacturing of very large parts such as rocket combustion chambers.

Let AMCM build your custom system for your application.

Let AMCM help you reach the stars.

Success Story

AMCM has carefully listened and has analyzed our requirements to come up in record time with a large scale system capable of successfully printing our combustion chambers
Max Haot, Founder & CEO
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