R&D / Academia

Let AMCM help you innovate

R&D and Academia labs need access to the latest technologies and innovations to further push the limits of what is possible with AM.

Often it is challenging to integrate these technologies and innovations into existing AM systems since such changes are not supported. Also the integration should not alter the stability / robustness of the system and there should be a clear path on how to develop a standard product suitable for the masses once the innovation has proven to be successful.

AMCM staff consists of industry experts with years of experience in AM and years of experience with advanced optical and laser technology. Furthermore, being part of the EOS group allows AMCM to profit from a large innovation pool and to cooperate with one of the best process and material development teams worldwide to offer an impressive cocktail of innovations and solutions.

The current AM technology limits are here to be broken. Please talk with us - we will find ways that have not been gone yet and are excited to push AM technology to the next level for your application.

Let AMCM build your custom system for your application.

Let AMCM help you innovate.

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