Printing anti-scatter grids for CT scanners


CT manufacturers require specialized components and materials to achieve high levels of performance in their machines. One of the critical components in CT scanners are anti-scatter grids (ASG) used to absorb scattered radiation and increase image resolution. The material of choice for these components is tungsten because of its resistance against high temperatures (3422°C), its high resistance against wear and the best stopping power against radiation (Density: 19,3 g/cm³). However, due to the difficulty in processing tungsten and the demanding requirements for the use in medical devices, a very precise and reliable manufacturing technology is needed.

AMCM helps Dunlee to double production capacity for printing tungsten components for CT scanners

AMCM, Dunlee and EOS partnered to develop a customized EOS M 290 that prints with industry leading 3D-printing resolution and accuracy to meet the demands of reproducible quality of a 24/7 production. During this year Dunlee doubled its production capacity with the help of AMCM GmbH and by the end of the year 2021, even more customized systems will be shipped to their production facility.

Our partner Dunlee has over 100 years of experience in developing, producing and integrating innovative components for imaging systems. Dunlee is a leading manufacturer of 3D-printed tungsten anti-scatter grids and has been working closely with EOS Group, the leading technology supplier in industrial 3D printing of metals.

ASG are an important component of quality CT systems to fight the coronavirus

Especially in the war against the novel coronavirus, CT imaging has emerged as valuable weapon because of the modality's ability to detect the "ground glass" white spots in the lungs that are a sign of COVID-19. To support patient access to CT exams, Dunlee is 3D printing tungsten anti-scatter grids, which are an important component of quality CT systems. With a thickness of only 100 microns and a positional accuracy of 25 microns, Dunlee’s anti-scatter grids significantly improve CT images by absorbing scatter radiation that can degrade image quality. Together with AMCM and EOS, Dunlee is able to ensure a higher level of product quality. This means better, more accurate CT scans, resulting in better diagnostic medicine and hopefully saving lives.

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