AMCM M 290-2 FDR

Dual head, fine detail resolution AM system.

Optimized for your applications.


  • Fine detail resolution (FDR) for demanding applications

  • High productivity with dual laser setup

  • Process gas cooling for consistant process conditions (optional)

  • Open software for process optimization

AMCM M 290-2 FDR


Optimized for your applications

Dual head, fine detail resolution AM system.


Success Story


Printing anti-scatter grids for CT scanners

CT manufacturers require specialized components and materials to achieve high levels of performance in their machines. One of the critical components in CT scanners are anti-scatter grids (ASG) used to absorb scattered radiation and increase image resolution. The material of choice for these components is tungsten because of its resistance against high temperatures (3422°C), its high resistance against wear and the best stopping power against radiation (Density: 19,3 g/cm³). However, due to the difficulty in processing tungsten and the demanding requirements for the use in medical devices, a very precise and reliable manufacturing technology is needed.

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