AMCM enables new additive manufacturing (AM)

July 7, 2021

Pushing AM to its limits

Starnberg, Germany, July 15, 2021 – Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines (AMCM), an EOS company, was founded to enable new applications in 3D metal printing not supported by standard additive manufacturing (AM) systems. AMCM provides customized AM solutions based on proven EOS technology and processes. The systems are built with varying degrees of customization, either almost completely new designs or as modified and enhanced EOS systems.

"AMCM uniquely combines both laser and mechanical engineering expertise with direct access to EOS' proven process expertise, setting the benchmark for metal-based 3D printing. The team consists of engineers, some with decades of experience in custom machine building, and AM professionals. From system requirements to part design and material development, AMCM understands what it takes to succeed in additive manufacturing."
Martin Bullemer, Managing Director of AMCM

In the last three years since its foundation, AMCM has been able to realize many groundbreaking applications for its customers. It started initially with first adaptations of systems from the EOS portfolio according to customer requirements. The AMCM M 290 1KW was the first product resulting from an adaptation of the already successful EOS M 290 to an increased laser power of 1kW. This opened further possibilities for demanding copper applications, among others.

Gets the best out of copper

For applications such as inductors, heat exchangers, or stators in the field of e-mobility, the combination of a large build area and a fine 80 µm spot allows the AMCM M 290 1 KW to ensure that the finest structures, such as complex cooling channels, can be produced even in larger copper components - a feature perfectly matched to the application. In these pure copper applications, the AMCM M 290 1 KW, in conjunction with the right process parameters, achieves 100% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) electrical conductivity. Customers such as 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd as part of the BEAMIT group and FKM Sintertechnik GmbH are thus able to produce highly efficient components.

By using the proven infrared fiber laser technology, the customer has the great advantage of being able to use all standard EOS processes in addition to those developed for the 1kW system. Optionally, the system can also be equipped with two 1 kW lasers to further increase system throughput.

 Hair-thin structures - optimum diagnosis

The next project was the adaptation of the EOS M 290 with the smallest possible spot size and maximum component size to enable fine detail applications. The starting point was the requirement of Dunlee to produce anti-scatter grids.

With the AMCM M 290 upgrade wall structures of 100 µm can be produced. The ideal combination of finest spot sizes and the possible part size of 135 x 220 mm allows the sophisticated design of anti-scatter grids to be manufactured in a novel and optimized way. With a special software optimized for refractive tungsten, grids of reproducible high quality can be built without issue. Anti-scatter grids are scattered radiation grids that absorb X-rays deflected by the patient's body tissue, thus improving the contrast and accuracy of X-ray images. This highly accurate technique also plays a major role in the diagnosis of specific lung lesions in COVID 19 patients.

Less is more

The AMCM M 290 upgrade is also ideally suited to the challenges of satellites or aircraft antennas and has been optimized in close partnership with customers to meet their specific requirements. On the one hand, it is possible to 3D print complex internal structures and on the other hand, extremely fine lattice structures that allow significant material savings and thus enable lighter construction. Adaptation of the process to design changes at short notice reduced assembly effort due to printing the parts in one piece. The ease of building complex geometries shortened the time to market and reduced manufacturing costs.

Revolution in space

The demand for an even larger construction space, especially from the aerospace industry, led to the development of the AMCM M 450. Here, a 25% increase in construction volume was achieved compared to the EOS M 400. While it brought an improvement, this was not yet sufficient for the special requirements of the aerospace industry. It was then decided an enlargement of the z-axis was necessary to meet the customer needs. This resulted in the fundamentally new machine concept of the AMCM M4K.

In close cooperation with Launcher, a US space launch company, the AMCM M4K was developed, which went far beyond an adaptation of the EOS 400. The package size was increased by a factor of 3.5 to 450 x 450 x 1000 mm. With an innovative axis design, the system height was kept as small as possible.

The AMCM M4K allows, among other things, rocket engine combustion chambers and the injection nozzle to be 3D printed in one piece with a component height of 1000 mm. As a result, improved propulsion systems that consume less fuel and can carry larger payloads can be produced. AMCM is helping to revolutionize the space industry with its innovative AM system. 

Tablets adapted to patient needs

In the healthcare sector, there is a unique cooperation with the Innovation Center of the science and technology company Merck from Darmstadt. Here, a system using CO2 lasers is being conceived and designed from scratch to enable the production of tablets in 3D printing - based on powdered starting material containing both active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. This could create a novel, simplified and accelerated process in the clinical development of drugs in tablet form. In addition, flexible and sustainable local tablet production according to specific market requirements as well as adaptation to patient needs is conceivable. With the AMCM system, Merck will be able to develop GMP-compliant (Good Manufacturing Practice) tablet formulations and, as a first step, produce test materials for clinical trials. Later, commercial manufacturing services will also be offered.

"The starting point for every project at AMCM is the customer's application and the goal of an AM manufacturing solution that fits the requirement 100% and without compromise."
Martin Bullemer, Managing Director of AMCM

AMCM and its team ensure that the limits of what is possible can be pushed across wavelengths and scanner strategies. This involves adapting processes by using new lasers, adapted heating concepts and different spot sizes, among other things, as well as modified installation space sizes. AMCM accompanies its customers as a reliable partner in the development of new application fields.

About AMCM

AMCM (Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines) offers customized AM solutions based on proven EOS technology and processes that set the benchmark for metal 3D printing. The machines are built with varying degrees of customization, either designed almost from scratch or as modified and enhanced EOS systems. This involves process customization, including the use of new lasers, adapted heating concepts and different spot sizes, as well as modified build volumes. AMCM is an EOS company. For more information visit