AMCM M 290-1 1kW

Increased productivity for demanding AM materials.

Enable new materials.


  • Increased productivity for multiple materials (e.g. Al and Cu)

  • Excellent part properties (e.g. Cu density, electrical conductivity)

  • Compatible with legacy M 290 400W process parameter sets (same focus, beam quality, etc.)

  • Ability to pre-develop 1 kW processes on a mid-size platform (M 290 1kW) for later transfer to other single or multi-laser 1kW platforms (e.g. M 450 or M 4K)

  • AMCM M 290-1 1kW available as new system or upgrade (upgrade can be performed on-site)

  • Process gas cooling for consistant process conditions

  • Open software for process optimization with high power laser

AMCM M 290-1 1kW


Enable new materials

Increased productivity for demanding AM materials.


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